Webber Badminton Stars have a legendary weekend and walk away with Two Golds, One Silver and One Bronze

Congratulations for Strong Performances 

Results are in from this weekend's badminton competition. Our high ranking champions were put to the test at the weekend with some more great wins under their belt.

U13 Gold in Sheffield
  • Aarav wins BRONZE in the BS* and MXD. In BD wins 1 and loses 1 in his BD group.
  • Jay wins 1 in his group and lost to top seed 19 & 20 in BS. Lost both games in BD. Loses 2nd round in the MXD.
  • Anish wins 2 in his group and loses to Jaxon Clarke in BS. Lost both games in BD.
  • Divyaish loses both of his games in his group in BS. IN BD lost all 3 matches.
  • Shrika just misses out in a 3-way tie in her group in GS. Loses both games in the GD. Loses second round in the MXD.

U15 Gold in Gloucester
  • Lisa wins GOLD in the GS* and SILVER in the GD. ¼ in the MXD.
  • Ashwati wins SILVER in the GS*(beating Tashvi in the semis). In the GD loses in the 1/4s.
  • Ethan wins GOLD in the BS.
  • Nadeem wins two out three in his box (beating Oliver Butler in two sets), just misses out in a 2-way tie. Reaches ¼ final in the BD. 

Essex Senior Silver
  • Thivi loses in the 2nd round in the BS.

Some brilliant results and fantastic to see players developing. Well done to you all. Hard work does pay off. Remember to trust your coach!


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