'The Gifted and Talented Child' A talk by Dr Martin Stephen

Dr Martin Stephen
One of Britain's highest profile Head Teachers and established author, Dr Martin Stephen is to speak at The Webber Independent School, Milton Keynes on Wednesday 27th February at an open-to-all evening starting at 7pm.

His talk titled ‘Identifying and Teaching the Gifted Child' is a pathway for any parent that believes their child has a special talent and explains the best possible way to channel this in the correct direction. Dr Stephen, former Head at several leading UK schools including St. Paul's, London, will give a 40 minute talk followed by a 20 minutes Question and Answer session.

The evening is FREE to all but people must register their interest prior due to limited availability.

Dr Stephen said: "'Knowing if one has a 'gifted' child is crucial to any parent who wishes to satisfy their child's developmental needs, but so is knowing what to do with a child once identified. This talk is intended to allow parents to identify giftedness, encourage it and manage giftedness in a child. The gifted child, contrary to some people's ideas, can present a real challenge to even the most caring parent. We've heard a lot about Tiger Mothers recently, less about Tiger Children - and the latter can bite back! This talk is all about how to cope as a parent."

To register to attend the talk on Wednesday 27th February from 7pm until 8:30pm email l.weaving@wis.gemsedu.co.uk. Attendance is FREE to all.

Further Details About Dr Martin Stephen

Dr Martin Stephen is a former Head of The Perse School, Cambridge, The Manchester Grammar School and St Paul's School, London. He was Chairman of The Headmasters' and Headmistress's Conference (HMC) in 2004. He is the author of five novels in the 'Henry Gresham' series of historical crime thrillers, and has published a total of 18 books of fiction, literary criticism or modern naval history. He is at present Director of Education for GEMS UK. Last year he was commissioned by a private group to fly round the world and see at first-hand provision for the teaching of gifted and talented children, for a study entitled 'Educating the Most Able: the Global Perspective.' He is married to Jenny, the Head of South Hampstead High School, and is a regular broadcaster on radio and contributor to leading newspapers.'


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