Ben Builds a Cardboard City at Milton Keynes Gallery

Year 8 are currently working on a project in Art to create Hundertwasser inspired cardboard buildings. A few weeks ago Ben Elston went on a workshop at Milton Keynes Gallery run by local artist Aaron Head. With other students, Ben helped to create a sprawling cardboard metropolis. Ben got the chance to build ‘big and bold’ by creatively re-using a variety of cardboard boxes and sculptural techniques.

Over the course of the day Ben's cathedral was part of a dizzying maze of tunnels, bridges and towers that emerged and spread across the room. As a culmination of the workshop participants ‘activated’ their city with the clever use of lights and torches to create shadows and depth.

Ben said that he thought it was a fascinating day and gave him lots of ideas for his own cardboard construction at school. Examples of the finished houses by Year 8 will be posted on the blog after Easter.


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