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Garden Party Photos

This weekend a group of parents, students and staff got together to give the pond area behind the main building a makeover. Here are some photos of our efforts, unfortunately we forgot to take a 'before' photo!
Thanks to Mrs Boyd and FOWIS for organising the morning and to Mrs Weaving for the sandwiches. A big thank you to everyone who helped out on Saturday, the garden is looking much smarter now!

International Week

As you remember, in February 2013, we celebrated the International Week at the Webber Independent School and all of you learnt different interesting things about countries around the world. You also participated in an African drumming workshop and came to the World Exhibition where our amazing mums from all over the world, shared their time and skills with all of you as well as their own traditions, artifacts, dishes and many other interesting facts about their countries.

Big Brum Theatre Workshop

We are all looking forward to the Big Brum Theatre visit on Monday 29th April. This should be a really enjoyable and exciting workshop.

Western Expansion Area Maps

Last term Year 7 students were investigating plans for the expansion of Milton Keynes. As part of this work the students used Google Maps to create interactive maps of the proposed Western Expansion Area (WEA). Harvey Dunn's finished map is shown below.

View WEA in a larger map.

Harvey has added different placemarkers and shapes which you can click on to learn more about the plans. Links to more of the students' maps can be found here.

Webber Shake

Before the Easter holidays a group of Webber students (and a few teachers) gave up a lunch break to 'perform' our very own 'Harlem Shake' to help raise money for Comic Relief.

This video was originally shown during the Webber Come Dancing show. Thank you to all those who took part and for the generous donations!

Can't see the video? Click here.