Trip to the Suffolk Coast

On Monday 23rd September a group of GCSE and AS Geography students visited the Suffolk coast. While in Suffolk we visited Dunwich and toured the nuclear power station at Sizewell.

We visited Dunwich first, a village largely lost to the sea after many years of coastal retreat. The students learnt a little about the history of Dunwich and how much of the village has now been lost to the sea. At its peak Dunwich was home to around 4000 people compared to only 50 today. After lunch on Dunwich beach we headed to Sizewell.

At Sizewell beach the students first learnt about how the process of long-shore drift moves sediment along the Suffolk coast. After discussing the physical processes, orienting maps, and the discovery of some giant caterpillars by Mrs Staerck, we headed to the power station.

The tour of Sizewell B was fascinating with the students learning more about nuclear power and why a seemingly illogical site on a retreating coastline was chosen for a power station. The tour guides took us around various earthquake-proof buildings and into the vast, and slightly eerie, turbine hall where about 3% of the UK's electricity supply is generated. Unfortunately we weren't able to take any photos on the tour, so instead I have included a video recommended by one of the tour guides.


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