WIS Maths Day 2013

On Wednesday this week the Mathematics Department ran WIS Maths Day for Years 7, 8 and 9. Students were put into teams and participated in four different activities which were: cube puzzles, Blockbuster, a marble run and 30 problem solving questions. The teams were selected randomly which meant that there was a range of abilities within each group.

These student’s comments show their enthusiasm for the day:

“It was really competitive because every team was really hoping to win”.

“Our marble run was 4.7 m long and we just beat the other team in the Blockbuster by seven seconds.”

“I enjoyed the marble building best because it was the most constructive.”

“Maths day was good because you had to interact with different people at different levels.”

“I enjoyed interacting with new people who you don’t usually speak to.”

“I really enjoyed using maths to create something fun.”

“I enjoyed the thirty questions at the end.”

“I enjoyed my day.”

The winners are:

Year 7: Red Team

Ben Giddings, Kavin Muhunthan, Tharsan Baskaran, Eliza Chinn, Devon Watson

Year 8/9: Green Team
Hatim Sachak, Khaya Musengezi, Rachel Tsiu, Gursev Kaur, Charlie de Gorter, Joe Sewell



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