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Works of Art Applauded at Webber

Students whose artwork was submitted in the ISA (Independent Schools Association) North London Regional Art Competition are celebrating exceptional success having entered work in the Key Stages, 3, 4 and 5 categories and were ‘noted’ in 6 of the 7 categories entered. The heat which took place in October as part of the ‘Head teachers Study Meeting’ announced the winners as follows:
The Key Stage 5 3-Dimensional category awarded first place to Tesni Williams for her portrayal of 'Childhood memories - chest of drawers', closely followed by Jenny Lui who was awarded the ‘Highly Commended’ status for her ‘Mother Jug’ piece.

Fabulous Webber Bakers Contribute to WORLD RECORD BREAKING Longest Line of Cupcakes!

Cakes baked by parents of Webber as part of the MK world record attempt – were delicately placed in line and helped to successfully secure a NEW WORLD RECORD for the longest line of cupcakes! Thank you to everyone who contributed or was involved.
The existing record was held by a company in Columbia, South America – at 607m …and because of all the amazing contributions by volunteers across the MK community we were able to smash the previous record by nearly 1000 metres – measuring a total of 1604.75m!
In addition to the cakes we donated to this cause, we also sold some cupcakes in school and combined with a number of other fundraising activities that took place in honour of Children In Need day, generated an impressive total of £251 for charity.
Below are some of pictures of children giving your baking achievements a good ‘send off’…as they went on their journey to join the record attempt and our 2 Year 11 Food Tech students Penny and Katie, who took part in the promotional filming …

Little Lives Door Design Winner

Students at Webber have been raising money for the 'Little Lives' Charity, the Neo Natal Unit at Milton Keynes Hospital. At the end of the Summer term the hospital offered us the opportunity for a student to design an image to go onto the entrance doors to the Neo Natal Unit. There were many fantastic entries but the staff at the unit decided the winner of the door design was Lola de Gorter, a student in Year 11. Lola will have her design painted or printed onto the doors of the unit. We look forward to seeing the results next year. Congratulations Lola.

Commemorative Wall

Parents, staff and pupils have been busy gathering information about their relatives who fought in WW1, WW2 and other conflicts.
The wall is expanding daily.  If you want to add to this display please email/hand in to School Reception any pictures and information for the attention of Mrs Staerck.

Crooks' Room brings alive Of Mice and Men for GCSE students

Saturday`s Open Day brought together dramatic talents within Year 11 who created and produced their own adaptation of Crooks` Room from their pivotal GCSE text Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck. The description of the stable buck`s room was read with considerable accomplishment by Daniel Baquero Blucher (seated right), accompanied by Lola de Gorter (standing left) interspersing her own commentary on the text.
Naya Armour animated one of the stable buck`s horses with Bob Ejor taking a turn of one of several students who acted out Crooks` role. A stilled scene from the recent John Malkovich inspired film version of the text was projected behind the stage whilst bales of hay and straw, alongside Crooks` various day to day accoutrements,completed the effect.
The presentation was subsequently acted out in school for all classes who are or will shortly be studying the text.