Remembering Historical Conflicts and the Impact of War

An impressive life size replica War Trench built by students of the Webber Independent School has been applauded by parents, staff and visitors alike.  The creation which combined the students English and History class curriculum from the last term, has been opened up to the public and other local schools to share with others its magnificence as well as the great depth of knowledge the students have learned as a result of its construction.

Before the School broke for the close of term, students, staff, parents and guests, gathered around the Christmas tree to celebrate ‘Christmas 1914 Ceasefire’ by singing English and German carols and listening to works from ‘The Soldier Poets, performed by Year 9 students.  Following the carols all visitors entered the Historical Conflicts Exhibition and were given a tour of the life-size Trench before finally viewing the Commemoration Wall.  

Principal Sue Vig said, “What our students have achieved is simply incredible – their enthusiasm and passion for learning about the events of the past is evidence of how by bringing learning to life you reignite an interest and desire to learn.  We shall be keeping the exhibition in situ into the next term and we would welcome anyone interested in viewing it to drop by at any time.”

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