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The Webber Independent School's Student Librarian: Shivum Shah

Year 9 student Shivum Shah has assumed responsibility as principal Student Librarian, following his tireless work throughout the last year as one of the student assistants in a team which looks after the Library environment and its resources on a daily basis.

Shivum electronically collates all book resources whilst ensuring that shelves are tidy, desks and chairs straight, and enquiring students are pointed in the right direction in terms of materials and their location. 
“Do we have a copy of this book in the Library, Shivum?” Teaching colleagues now benefit from the Student Librarian`s unerring knowledge of the fiction and non fiction shelves, following his loyal apprenticeship last year.
Shivum now has a new team of assistants from Year 7 in the senior school to help support his work throughout this coming year.
Shivum is pictured above, with (seated) Al Hassan Zade, Year 11 (centre); Aaliyah Etti and Maddie Templeton, Year 7.

Jeans for Genes Day

Today students and staff at The Webber Independent School supported Jeans for Genes Day raising £161 for the charity.

The money raised on Jeans for Genes Day funds a range of initiatives that improve the quality of life of children and families affected by genetic disorders.

Summer Expeditions

The Webber DofE group enjoyed an expedition to Northumberland during the summer break. There were four groups in total with bronze, silver and gold expeditions taking place during the week away. Some were practice expeditions while others were being assessed.
The weather was atrocious but the participants all did extremely well considering the very wet conditions. Everyone completed their routes and we had no dropouts!

All the groups, bar bronze, experienced wild camping where they set up camp in Kielder Forest in the grounds of a bothy. They had to collect their water using a filter and not sleep inside the building.

Vocab Express

We are now using Vocab Express in our French, Spanish and German lessons:
This is a really great interactive online learning tool. It will enable the students to practise vocabulary at home in a fun way, including a guide to pronunciation. We hope that it will also prove useful to parents!
Students are being given a username and password in lessons this week, which can be changed to something easier to remember on first login. It is accessible as a desktop website and as a smartphone / tablet app for use on the move as well as at home.
The school code, when prompted, is UKGWIS.