Summer Expeditions

The Webber DofE group enjoyed an expedition to Northumberland during the summer break. There were four groups in total with bronze, silver and gold expeditions taking place during the week away. Some were practice expeditions while others were being assessed.

The weather was atrocious but the participants all did extremely well considering the very wet conditions. Everyone completed their routes and we had no dropouts!

All the groups, bar bronze, experienced wild camping where they set up camp in Kielder Forest in the grounds of a bothy. They had to collect their water using a filter and not sleep inside the building.

This is the third time that we have returned to this remote area and used the bunkhouse at Gibbs Hill Farm. Always a very enjoyable break and catch up on the Romans as we visit Housesteads Open Air Museum so that those who choose to can include research in their projects.

We also visited Bellingham museum where the participants learnt about the former local industries from the railways to the history of the town itself and the story of how many English surnames came to be.

We look forward to reading all the participants projects and accounts of their treks.

Thank you to Val and Joy for all their hard work organising yet another great expedition and well done to all those who took part this summer!


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