The Webber Independent School's Student Librarian: Shivum Shah

Year 9 student Shivum Shah has assumed responsibility as principal Student Librarian, following his tireless work throughout the last year as one of the student assistants in a team which looks after the Library environment and its resources on a daily basis.

Shivum electronically collates all book resources whilst ensuring that shelves are tidy, desks and chairs straight, and enquiring students are pointed in the right direction in terms of materials and their location. 

“Do we have a copy of this book in the Library, Shivum?” Teaching colleagues now benefit from the Student Librarian`s unerring knowledge of the fiction and non fiction shelves, following his loyal apprenticeship last year.

Shivum now has a new team of assistants from Year 7 in the senior school to help support his work throughout this coming year.

Shivum is pictured above, with (seated) Al Hassan Zade, Year 11 (centre); Aaliyah Etti and Maddie Templeton, Year 7.


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