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New Student Librarian heralds World Book Day

Rhys Fourie of Year 9 (seated, centre) amongst fellow Key Stage 3 students, has taken over as Student Librarian, with responsibility for the cataloguing and good order of the Library environment, its books and other resources on a day to day basis.
In good time for World Book Day (Thursday 3rd March), the Library and a wide range of both class based lessons and tutor periods will be emphasising the value of reading throughout the whole week surrounding Book Day. Whilst Primary students and teachers will dress up as their favourite literary character, secondary year groups from Year 7 up to Sixth Form will be enjoying dedicated periods of quiet reading for pleasure as well as anecdotal sharing of reading experiences across the full spectrum of quality. Mr Roper will be promoting and provoking thoughts and responses around the theme of 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' in terms of our reading habits and experiences, where your views will be welcome for discussion. Here are a f…

Volcano Erupts in Year 3/4!

As part of the Year 3/4 IPC topic this year we have looked at natural disasters. The students have studied earthquakes and volcanoes and have carried out a number of scientific experiments. In the photographs they are looking at what happens when a volcano erupts.

Webber Pancake Race

The Webber Independent School annual Pancake Race takes place tomorrow February 9th at 9am. The race, which is becoming as well-known as the famous Olney Pancake Race will take place on Soskin Drive and competitors from EYFS, Pre-Prep and Prep will be running, armed with frying pans and pancakes. Watch this space for up to date pictures!