Poetry Success

A poem is just the beginning…….

We entered a number of students from Year 9 into the Young Writers’ latest competition, The Poetry Trials. This nationwide challenge gave students the opportunity to pen a poem in either a restrictive poetic technique or a poetic style of their choice. 

Three of Webber’s students, Devon Watson, Ella Neate and Rhys Fourie rose to the challenge and displayed their poetic flair and now have their poems published in The Poetry Trials – Southern England Anthology.

Poems were chosen for publication based upon style, expression, imagination and technical skill. The result is an entertaining collection full of diverse and imaginative poetry. We hope this success will inspire them to continue with their creative writing. Well done to the budding poets.


A true love’s kiss, a myth yet every girl believes in the princess tale,

Believing Cupid with his mighty arrow shoots accurately from his sail,

Cuddles, first kisses, anniversaries ever so sweet,
Dreaming of the days when you’re old next to your soul mate, oh what a treat,
Even if there were gloomy days they would stay by your side,
Forgetting that relationships can die off as quickly as the tide,
Gifts and roses turn to anger and too much stress,
Hell is the new normal for the once happy couple, everything is a mess,
Ignorant of the fact of how happy you once were, you turn cold,
Jealousy arises from the fact the past lied about what the future would hold.
Knowing that he is happy without you stabs you like a knife,
Love was never good enough for him, that is why he is no longer in your life,
Mumbling to yourself whilst crying from a broken heart,
Nights feel colder, lonelier as you and are still apart,
Other than the memories you have to cling onto, you are alone,
Pretending the lies have not wrecked, tortured and broken you, you keep a happy tone,
Queries from strangers wondering what happened to the love, leaves you suicidal,
Reading old text messages remembering the pain ‘it’ brought you, so you read a Bible,
Silently you read, forgetting about society cutting and judging you,
Treasuring each moment you had, now looking for something new,
Understanding that pain, grief and sadness can be a step forward,
Valiant decisions can help you move on from the darkness, move onward,
Worship the good times, say goodbye to the bad and hello to the good,
X marks the spot where you hurt yourself when he left you, it was all misunderstood,
Yes he hurt you for a while, you were obsessed and needy, but you are good now, standing strong,
Zzz, sleeping peacefully and happily, that is how you should have been all.along.

Ella Neate, Year 9.


Anger, grief and death, are your worst nightmares,
Blackness swarms upon the sun,
Can you bear the darkness alone?
Death comes eventually, be ready!
Every night the moon appears,
Fear of the unknown,
Glow sticks out at parties at night,
Hades in Hell,
Ink as black as the midnight sky,
Just imagine all the different galaxies in the wonders of space,
Karma acts upon people with dark natures
Like a black cat handing out years of bad luck.
Moons that are golden and stand out in the sky!
Night-time means the end of a day,
Others don’t understand the emotions you go through,
People trick or treating on Halloween,
Questioning how you smudge your work,
Ravens are mysterious birds,
Sunglasses blocking out the sunlight,
The cringed feeling of chalk on a blackboard,
Underestimating other people’s emotions,
Voldemort from Harry Potter,
Writing in newspapers,
X-rays showing up bright bones on a black background,
Yesterday someone burnt their toast,

Devon Watson, Year 9


Anger evolves into hatred,
Blue, the common adversary,
Coke shakes, love and refreshments,
Dragon, red and fierce,
Embers, small and calm,
Fire, progressive, determined,
Good friends, becomes enemies,
Hearts are penetrable,
Imperfections are natural,
Just stop the terror,
Keep this knowledge,
Love will spread,
More anger enters the world,
No more pain,
Or suffering,
Posting menacing messages,
Questioning how red is related,
Ruby’s a highly prised gem,
Scars both mental and physical,
Tomato sauce, can’t live without it,
Up the spine, the brain is corrupt,
Violence, the brutal treatment,
We fall together,
Xenophobia, One of the many sprouts,
You can let out blood,
Zebras can become blood-stained.

Rhys Richard Fourie, Year 9

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