Visit to The Natural History Museum

Yesterday Webber students visited the Natural History Museum in Tring which houses six galleries on four levels. The day was very successful, Biology students were able to observe the vast collection of stuffed, preserved mammals, fish, reptiles, birds and invertebrates. They learnt the scientific names (binomials), observed and studied animal features up close and read about the geographical home locations and the types of habitat in the different environments.

The galleries also provided an excellent opportunity for Webber students to be inspired and practise their artistic skills. The specimens were an excellent chance to study colour, pattern, texture and shape.

Student Comments

“My day out at Tring was very interesting. I learnt loads about new animals I had never heard of. I loved the animal positions the snakes looked as if they were going to come through the glass and eat you.” Jamie, Year 8

“My favourites were the cats and the bats. I felt sorry for them as I looked at each one. I wished that they were still alive and their life hadn’t gone.” Maddie, Year 8

“Animals of fur and scale, some with fingers, some with tails. The Victorian villa for all to see, the past, the present and now me.” Niamh, Year 8

“The museum was a great experience the walls were filled with a variety of animals some extinct. Overall the place seems to have an eerie yet welcoming feeling.” Sam, Year 10

“The trip to Tring was really interesting. I discovered many facts about extinct and peculiar animals I had never seen. From the majestic polar bear to the small beetle it was a real adventure.”  Stefano, Year 11

“I enjoyed our trip as we saw many beautiful and majestic animals, an amazing experience.” Ayoko, Year 10

“My favourite part was looking at all the antlers and horns.”  Kenice, Year 10

“The museum was a fantastic experience, and I would love to visit again.” Sulaymaan, Year 10

“There was so much to draw, and lots of fun facts to learn.”  Amaya, Year 7

The trip to Tring was inspiring, lots of animals we saw were definitely not a boar! Devon, Year 10

“I had an amazing day, at first I felt the animals were watching me.” Kailey, Year 10

A poem by Samantha, Year 7

Lions, tigers and bears
To see the fish you go upstairs
So many prints and scales
Spots, fur and tails

A poem by Ella, Year 10

My terrific trip to Tring
On Wednesday morning
We went to Tring
There were many animals
What a wonderful thing

Educational and informative
It was a delightful sight
Stuffed animals everywhere
In various lights

With Art and Science benefits
It was a joy
The delicately stitched animals
Looked like a toy

We learnt a lot and
Enjoyed it too
Thankyou Webber for the trip


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