#MK50 - Why our students love Milton Keynes

We asked our students why they love MK #MK50 - Happy Birthday!

1.    ‘I love Milton Keynes because of the astonishing landscape.’ Daniel – Year 6

2.    ‘Milton Keynes is great because it’s a family place and it has lots of fun activities such as Centre MK Christmas display outside John Lewis.’ Lily – Year 8

3.    ‘I love MK because it has an ice rink, where I skate. It has a lovely shopping centre and the train service is good, it’s hardly ever delayed. It has a 4D cinema where I go with my friends.’ Kenice – Year 10

4.    ‘I love MK because I like the concrete cows.’ Leyla – Year 5

5.    ‘I love it for its culture.’ Alex – Year 8

6.    I love MK because there is MK Dons, which is fun, and Simggle, which is a shop that smells extremely nice. Shatir. Year 5

7.    ‘The thing I love about MK is that it’s very modern but still has great wildlife.’ – Hamish – Year 9

8.    ‘The Hobbycraft is very useful.’ Oscar – Year 7

9.    ‘I love Bletchley Park.’ Charlie – Year 11

10. ‘Milton Keynes is a very cheerful place. I love it because of the people in it. Every day someone makes me smile.’ Sophie - Year 7

11. ‘I love Milton Keynes buffet village because the food is really nice.’ Ayann – Year 5

12. ‘MK is a lovely town, there are lots of things to do and it has a great community.’  Stephanie – Year 9

13. ‘I love Milton Keynes because it is where I built my first gaming setup.’ Jack – Year 6

14. ‘There’s good Wi-Fi and transport.’ Sophie – Year 7

15. ‘I love Milton Keynes because we have MK Lightning.’ Ethan – Year 5

16. ‘Milton Keynes is great because of the open space, and the events that take place for the public.’ Sofia – Year 11

17. ‘I think that MK is great because it is the only town in England with a Badminton school.’ Ashwati – Year 8

18. ‘I love MK as there are lots of lakes and woodland. There is lots of entertainment such as, the theatre, the cinema, Airkix, MK Dons, horse riding and lots of fun!’ Daisy – Year 6

19. ‘I love the Hub because it is developed and safe.’ Lawrence – Year 9

20. ‘I love Milton Keynes because behind my big house I have a park. I also like the big trampoline park.’ Ambika – Year 5

21. ‘Milton Keynes is a great place because of the good views, good people and places.’ Kory – Year 8

22. ‘I love Milton Keynes because there are two cinemas, Odeon and Cineworld. There are also some model dinos at the Xscape and there are also good cycling paths and there’s a trampoline park.’ Fahad – Year 5

23. ‘I like MK because it is pretty and I can play badminton.’ Gauri - Year 9

24. ‘What I like about MK is how it’s different than other towns.’ Ruby – Year 7

25. ‘Milton Keynes is a home for all. As soon as I moved here I knew for sure I would love it, for it is a big community where no one is excluded MK is our home.’ Niamh – Year 8

26. ‘I love Milton Keynes because it has Gulliver’s Land.’ Joe – Year 11

27. ‘My favourite thing about Milton Keynes is that everything is very close for example, the shops and restaurants.’ Madeleine – Year 8

28. ‘I love Milton Keynes because there are a lot of small and safe villages with a lot of nice people. The schools are great and close to where I live. The school I am in now is full of nice people. Cieran Smith – Year 9

29. ‘I love MK because I can do basketball.’ Reo – Year 5

30. ‘Here in Milton Keynes I have finally settled into a great school and learnt a new hobby.’ Isaac – Year 8 

31. ‘I love Milton Keynes because it has Smiggle.’ Jess – Year 5

32. ‘Milton Keynes is a place of love and worship. Everyone is equal to each other everyone has the exact same rights and we all love each other.  We love you Milton Keynes.’ Alex – Year 8

33. ‘I like the shopping centre, Nandos, MK Dons, the cinema.’ Nerea - Year 9

34. ‘I love Milton Keynes because as it is a new town, some of the buildings are more improved than other places. There are lots of entertainment facilities.’ Pranathi – Year 6

35. ‘Willen Lake have really fun activities and also have Ariel extreme.’ Jaanvi – Year 7

36. ‘MK is a really nice place to live and everything is really clean.’ Irene – Year 9

37. ‘I like how green Milton Keynes is and I love MK Dons.’  Aaron  - Year 9

38. ‘I love MK because it is a friendly area and it is a lovely place to live.’ Leith – Year 6

39. ‘Milton Keynes is a fun, interactive and educational area. The best part for me is Xscape where I go every weekend with my friends. I always have a fantastic time, and when you have friends with you it never gets old.’ Ben – Year 10

40. ‘I love MK because of the shopping centre. It’s really big and you can get anything!’ Ruby – Year 7

41. ‘I love Milton Keynes because I’ve lived here all my life (so far) and I go to school here and I like the shops.’ Harry – Year 7

42. ‘I love Milton Keynes because there are two cinemas, Odeon and Cineworld. There are also some model dinos at the Xscape and there are also good cycling paths and there’s a trampoline park.’ Fahad – Year 5

43. ‘I like the leisure centres.’ Ibrahim – Year 7

44. ‘Near my house it has a shopping mall, food market, gym, Wild Park, lake and a lot of animals. I can go everywhere to have fun! That is why I love MK!’ Akari – Year 6

45. ‘I like Milton Keynes because you can do many great things like indoor skydiving and go ice skating.’ Harry – Year 8

46. ‘I love MK because it has my favourite restaurant (Nandos), because my friends are here. I love what there is to do. Because I live here and my family lives here and I like the shops.’ Jai – Year 5

47. ‘I love Milton Keynes because there’s lots of beautiful greenery and parks. There is a big choice of activities, such as skiing, sledging, bowling, cinema, shopping and eating out.’ Amaya – Year 7

48. ‘I love MK because of NERF Zone and Bounce.’ William – Year 5

49. ‘I love Milton Keynes because there are lots of places to walk and see scenery, lots of restaurants to enjoy and activities to do, like skiing, sky diving, rock climbing and going to the cinema. There are lots of shops and easy access to other places like London or Oxford.’ Samantha – Year 7

50. ‘I love MK as it is the definition of multiculturalism, the hub is very sociable and it has Xscape with a 4D cinema. The shopping centre is exquisite and the food is multicultural. You can have a nice time watching MK Dons.’ Kavin – Year 10

We had so many reasons to choose from but it is #MK50
Thank you to all of our students for their thoughts, we couldn't agree more,
Milton Keynes is a very special place to live, work and play. 

Happy 50th Birthday MK from all at The Webber Independent School. 


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