A thrilling night in Birmingham at the Young Voices Choir

Event review by Niamh Bewick, Year 8
Picture: Some of our students at the Young Voices Choir in Birmingham

Thursday 26th January 2017

As some of you may already know, lots of our school pupils went on a trip to the Genting Arena, Birmingham, to be part of the Young Voices Choir

This year the Young Voices Choir had over 6,500 children performing, which meant it retained its title as the world's largest children's choir. This year they had a few famous faces such as Natalie Williams, Tammy Callaghan and The Beatbox Collective. I also went along to Young Voices and as soon as we walked into the arena and saw just how big the choir actually was, we were almost overwhelmed! The sheer energy that was coming from all of the different schools from all over the country made me feel really proud to be part of the concert. It was a thrilling night and if I had the opportunity to go again I would take it without a doubt.

Thank you Niamh for your write up; certainly sounds like you and your peers really enjoyed the event. 


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