World Book Day - Review from Niamh Bewick

Article by Niamh Bewick
Thursday 2nd March 2017

Today lots of schools across the UK came together to celebrate a mutual love, the love of books!

In my school I saw so many amazing costumes and characters that I felt as if I was in a giant Where's Wally! I saw costumes ranging from the mad hatter to Gandalf the grey - two costumes that popped up regularly. Personally, one of the best costumes was worn by my maths teacher, the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!

If you didn't come in a costume today you weren't left out as the primary school also had a poetry competition too.

Pupils in year 7 and 8 didn't take part in a competition but did perform their poem in front of a big audience, so well done to everyone who took part, as performing to a crowd - takes guts! Also a big congratulations to the winners of the competition:

1st Okiki
2nd Teniola and Salmanali

1st Shona
2nd Rebecca
3rd Ambika and Elliott

Year 4
1st Ayomide and Luna
2nd Daisy

Year 5
1st William
3rd Harry and Ritvik

Year 6
1st Leith

2nd Rishabh and Daniel


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