Celebrating #NationalPoetryDay with Poetry Live Winner, Stefano Beni

Al Mulhajir

By Stefano Beni

In the middle of the way of our life
I found myself lost
In a blue desert surrounded by
Wild spitting beasts;
Saved by criminals and allowed to live...

Blue desert that has no pity of our
Misadventures, no emotion regarding our
Derelict children, innocent of any
Crime, but ripped apart by the weight of 

Vast and proud he stands as a barrier
Between us and Hope:
She knows us very well; we met,
When the wind was calm and 
The frantic sun did not bomb us.
She left now, all that remains are
Her footprints in our minds.

In the middle of our adventure,
Looking for better or simple right of life;
We struggle as the smugglers talk of
The Jungle and its gate towards
A possibility to begin.


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