Our BISI Badminton Players on Court at The National Badminton Centre

Review by Mrs K Willis, Thursday 12th October 2017

The MKSSP Badminton finals took place on Thursday 12th October at the National Badminton Centre. After breezing through the heats at the end of last month, we were heading for some tough competition against the other area winners. 

The competition involved playing 'around the world' and 'player of the court' against all of the schools. The Webber team did extremely well and there was some outstanding play from our own and from other students. 

It was a great experience for the students playing at the National Badminton Centre and the competition was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

Well done to Ritvik, Aarav, Samarth, William, Reo, Emilien, Georgia, Daisy, Eva, Zara, Leyla and Anaya. 


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