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Webber Superstars Jam it out with Cadbury's Gorilla

Trip Review by Mrs Jennifer Tompkins
Monday 20th November 2017

The Year 10, 11, 12, and 13 Business students (as well as Year 9 students who are interested in taking Business as a GCSE next year) went on a trip to Cadbury’s World on Monday 20th November, and had a fantastic time! They enjoyed touring the site and hearing about the history of the firm and its origins. They were handed free samples of yummy chocolate but still managed to purchase more goodies in the on-site shop – who can resist half price chocolate? With Christmas presents purchased, they headed to a talk which focused on the Business side of chocolate. The talk provided a fantastic insight into the marketing, production, and the human resources activities of Cadbury’s. The speaker, Colin, tested some of the students’ Business knowledge. I'm proud to say they were able to answer every question correctly, with the added pressure with me watching closely. On the way home the students were buzzing and quite jovial, ente…

The Unity Tower of Webber Independent. All Different - All Equal.

Report by Samantha Gomez and Amaya Sokhi (Year 8)
Monday 20th November 2017
This year our Anti-Bullying theme was ‘All Different, All Equal!’

We believe that everyone should be treated fairly, and this year we, as a school, want to celebrate our differences.

Each year, all students from ages 4 – 18 read and sign the Webber Independent School Anti-Bullying Pledge, and are given a safeguarding leaflet. These are kept in student’s planner / homework diary, so everyone can understand the policies.

In PSCHE lessons, we have been discussing how to prevent bullying, including these 10 key principles:

Listening – All pupils, teachers and parents listen, to prevent, report and respond to any incidents of bullying.Include Everyone – All pupils are included and valued in all aspects of school life.Respect – All teachers and pupils are role models to others.Challenge – All pupils should stand up for themselves and others.Celebrating Differences – Differences are celebrated and welcomed across the whole…

No Stopping the Winning Streak of the U14 Netball Team. 17-6 win against Radcliffe

Match Review by Mrs K Willis 
Thursday 23rd November 2017

On Thursday 23rd November, the U14 Netball team played in their last league game of the term against Radcliffe. It was a nail biting start with Webber scoring the first goal and Radcliffe responding immediately. Webber scored again, as did Radcliffe and the first quarter finished 3-2 to us. After a brief team talk, Webber went into the second quarter with their fighting spirit and stepped up their game play. Determination and competitiveness shone through and some fantastic interceptions in the centre third enabled us to secure four more goals. Radcliffe also fought hard and managed to score 2 more goals taking the score to 7-4. It was our toughest game yet and Webber responded to the pressure admirably, never giving up and rising to the challenge. The team played some incredible netball in the third quarter, with our star shooters on top form yet again. Our defending was also strong and we prevented Radcliffe from scoring, which …

Webber Netball Team Jumping for Joy with 17-3 win over Ousedale School

Review by Mrs K Willis

Thursday 16th November 2017

Our Netball Champions Do It Again! 
This evening our Year 7 and 8 Netball team played Ousedale and demonstrated their exceptional talent. The first quarter saw us take the lead but Ousedale applied the pressure with a couple of early goals. This spurred the team to score a double in the second quarter as well as preventing Ousedale from scoring any further goals. The girls played like champions with strong passes and interceptions in the centre third, which allowed us to maximise attacking opportunities. Sophie and Sam's shooting was once again phenomenal - lots of far out shots from the edge of the circle - leaving Ousedale's jaws dropping in awe. 

The final score was a well deserved 17-3.

Well done to Sophie, Sam, Jaydie, Amaya, Elizabeth, Jaanvi, Vanessa, Jessica! Amazing teamwork, skills and strategy.

3 out 5 Stars for Geostorm - Review by Lucie B, Year 9

Film Review: Geostorm

3 out of 5 stars Reviewed by Lucie B Year 9 for the Student Magazine Geostorm surprised me and it was clear that it surprised the rest of the audience too (there was genuine applause at the end of the film that I found very funny). Before watching it I did some research and found some highly critical reviews, I ignored them and decided to watch it. The film is expertly directed by Dean Devlin (Independence Day, Godzilla), despite the difficult themes and messages it had to portray to its viewers. I must say that although this movie flopped at the box office I appreciated the flow of the movie and the incredible performances from some of the actors like Gerald Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish and Alexandra Maria Lara. I do not want to give away any hints about the film that could be considered a spoiler alert but there are two very important messages that Geostorm delivers:  1) Do not mess with nature  2) Regardless of nationality, religion, colour etc., the planet …

Great Spirit from The Webber Year 5 and 6 Basketball Team

Review by Mr Andrew Small

Thursday 10th November 2017

Our Year 5 and 6 Basketball team took part in the MK Sports Partnership Basketball Tournament on Thursday 10th November. Our rising stars had trained hard and were eager to put their skills and teamwork into practise, it wasn't long before they put Two Mile Ash, Orchard Academy and St John's through their paces.
In the first match our players showed Two Mile Ash their might with an early score and good attacking skills. Two Mile Ash responded immediately after half-time securing their first point, everyone thought it would be a well-played draw but Webber showed their fighting spirit and provided an exciting end to the match, scoring in the last 15 seconds to secure a win of 6-4. 
Up next was a challenging match against Orchard Academy, who dominated both possession and shooting. Webber defended well and kept the competition from scoring in the first-half, the match ended 2-2 - a reflection of two teams that put tremendous effo…

Nail Biting Match for our Years 7, 8 and 9 Against MK Academy

Match Review by Mr Andrew Small

Wednesday 9th November 2017

On Wednesday 9th November our Football team played MK Academy in a hard-fought game.

The team had trained hard in their own time to prepare for the match, a tactic that helped Webber start the match strong and on the attack. The first half was tense, each team played well and were presented with opportunities to score. MK Academy steamed ahead and secured three goals in the last 15 minutes of the first half.
The second half of play was just as nail biting with Webber and MK Academy going head to head fighting it out to maintain control of the ball. Our boys showed grit and spirit, never giving in, unfortunately their hard work and team efforts didn't result in any points this time and MK Academy secured a 
win of 6-0.

Every member of the team played to their potential and did a great job at representing the School, which made it impossible to pick a player of the match. 

Well done all - you should be proud of your performance.

Webber Independent's Netball Dream Team Do It Again! 10-0 Win in Latest Match

Match Review by Mrs Katie Willis
Tuesday 7th November 2017
On Tuesday 7th November our U14s Netball team took on Sir Herbert Leon Academy in their first game of this half term. This away game certainly didn't disappoint as our girls secured an early lead, with some accurate passing from Jaydie and Alison straight into the circle. 
Sophie and Sam’s shooting was superb and allowed Webber to gain a five point lead by half time. Leon came back fighting but couldn't break through Webber's strong technical skills and game strategy. The second half saw some fantastic interceptions from Lily in centre third, and Lucie's defence kept Leon away from their shooters. The final score was 10-0 to Webber. 
A big well done to our team: Sam, Sophie, Jaydie, Alison, Amaya, Lily and Lucie.