Webber Superstars Jam it out with Cadbury's Gorilla

Trip Review by Mrs Jennifer Tompkins
Monday 20th November 2017

The Year 10, 11, 12, and 13 Business students (as well as Year 9 students who are interested in taking Business as a GCSE next year) went on a trip to Cadbury’s World on Monday 20th November, and had a fantastic time! They enjoyed touring the site and hearing about the history of the firm and its origins. They were handed free samples of yummy chocolate but still managed to purchase more goodies in the on-site shop – who can resist half price chocolate? With Christmas presents purchased, they headed to a talk which focused on the Business side of chocolate. The talk provided a fantastic insight into the marketing, production, and the human resources activities of Cadbury’s. The speaker, Colin, tested some of the students’ Business knowledge. I'm proud to say they were able to answer every question correctly, with the added pressure with me watching closely. On the way home the students were buzzing and quite jovial, entertaining us with a rendition of Happy Birthday – perhaps the chocolate had finally got to them! All in all a fun learning experience with the added bonus of chocolate.


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