The Webber Independent Make An Appearance on BBC Look East on Friday 6th October at 6:30pm

Picture credit: Jules Corry Peterborough

A trip to the Milton Keynes' STEM Festival resulted in a piece to camera for our students and Mr Paris, our Director of Studies. This was a great opportunity for our school to highlight its focus and drive on the importance of STEAM education.

A number of senior school students attended the STEM Festival in Centre:MK on Thursday 5th October, it was a great opportunity to interact with local employers and specialists in STEAM related fields, enabling our young people to understand the exciting career opportunities available. The event was a fantastic extended learning experience for our pupils and complemented our various STEAM co-curricular and curricular activities. 

Mr Paris provides an overview of the importance of combining arts with STEM subjects to create more adaptable thinkers, and tomorrow makers who understand how to think laterally. 

  1. Art in the independent sector is highly valued and often celebrated more than it is in the state sector.  At Webber we annually take part in ISA Art competitions and celebrations.  Our students also regularly contribute to local Art Galleries and Architectural Exhibitions.
  2. Over the last two years there has been an explosion of STEAM opportunities and competitions flooding into my inbox.  This reflects the skills shortage STEM industries are experiencing and the predicted future demand for their workforce.  All these opportunities and competitions provide excellent platforms for students to learn new skills and explore potential career pathways.  However, for independent schools to take full advantage of these opportunities, they first require dedicated state of the art facilities in which to work.  Schools also require an extended budget for resources with which to work and time set aside to achieve it.  This I believe is the biggest stumbling block facing many smaller independent schools.
  3. At Webber we focus on STEAM teaching, as the arts are a valuable source of creative and critical thinking which benefit and aid our learners in their more traditional STEM subjects
  4. If we are to produce ‘life’s future creators’ in the field of STEAM, we need to instil creativity and artistic elegance into our young people.  Without the influence of the Arts, we will simply be producing engineers, who while potentially excellent in their field may lack the creativity to think beyond the boundaries of their current operating window.
At Webber the arts form an essential part of every STEAM opportunity we offer, including:-

  • STEAM Week – An event for all students aged 4-18 involving key note speakers, educational visits, careers fairs and national opportunities.  These always include some people who have artistic backgrounds to emphasise the importance of the arts and to highlight the importance of the arts within STEAM industries.
  • STEAM Fayre – An event for all students aged 4-18 involving local STEAM businesses running stalls to school in inform and inspire the next generation.
  • Webber Festival of the Arts – An event for all students aged 4-18, whereby everyone is encouraged to develop their creative side in a series of age specific challenges.
  • Chemistry at Work – An event whereby local industries, which involve chemistry, highlight the importance of STEAM within their field.  In the past two years this has also included make-up artists for films who specialise in medical emergencies make-up and chemical specialist hairdressers.
  • CREST Awards – In the completion of these Science qualifications we emphasise the importance of the arts in producing solutions that are artistically elegant as well functional.


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