In the Trenches Trip - Year 5 & 6

On Thursday 15th November, pupils from Year 5 and 6 visited a WW1 trench on the outskirts of Birmingham. The morning consisted of three activities but before they could undertake these they were introduced to the clothing and had to enlist. This involved checking they were the correct weight and height, after this they were issued with their Trench Orders booklet. The first activity was to ensure that they were physically fit for the army and had to undertake an obstacle course followed by tunnelling. The next activity was learning about different artefacts taken directly from the battlefields, learning about Albert French who had worked at Wolverton Works prior to enlisting and drill exercises whilst wearing a helmet and carrying a rifle. The final mornings exercise was based in the trench system and pupils learnt about trench life, what they had to do in the event of a gas attack and using a periscope to search for the enemy.

After lunch, we returned to carryout trench duties, these consisted of grenade throwing practice, boot polishing, sand bag filling and recovering a member of their group from the battlefield upon a stretcher. The whole day ensured that the pupils were full immersed in what life was like for troops during the Great War. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


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